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For Over 21 years
For more than 21 years now the Plant Liberation Front (PLF) as champions because of the voiceless.

Founded in 1985, the PLF is dedicated to establishing protecting the rights of vegetation. The PLF's short-term aim is to save as many Plants as possible and directly disrupt the practice of vegetation abuse. Our long term aim is to end all Plant suffering by forcing people to realize the true nature of the problem.

This is a nonviolent campaign, activists take all precautions not to harm any entity (vegtable or otherwise). The Plant Liberation Front consists of small groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to the PLF guidelines. Any group of people who are in support of Plants and who carry out actions according to PLF guidelines have the right to regard themselves as part of the PLF.


The PLF’s mission is to advocate Plant’s rights.  If you are sympathetic to their plight, as you must be if you are reading this, then please sign up under one of four membership levels.  Remember, membership is FREE but the effect you have on the world is PRICELESS!


We are not yet set up to take donations on the website.  If you would like to contribute, we ask at this time for you to sign up for membership at the level of your interest.

How to sign up

It’s easy!  Just email me, Lynda, at  In the subject box type the level of membership you are interested in, send and you will be signed right up!  You should receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.  Thank you for your interest!

Membership levels

Activist – This level is for serious tree huggers.  If you would like notification of protest opportunities, suggestions about starting a local PLF chapter in your community or information about other ways to be help the PLF, sign up for the Activist level.  You will also receive the newsletter.

Advocate – Maybe you’re not ready to take place in any protests just yet, but there are still ways to help.  How long does it take to write a letter or call someone?  Spread the PLF’s message to your family, friends, coworkers, and government representatives, strangers on the street, and anyone you meet.  Sign up for the Concerned level and we will tell you more about how you can help.

Curious – This is for all those who are interested in the PLF’s message but don’t want to receive too much email just yet.  You will receive a newsletter and an occasional opinion poll.

Student – This level is for those of you 17 and under.

Not Supported by Federal and State Funds
We are a not for profit group supported by donations from members of a wide range of geopolitical, economic, and social backgrounds. We strive to keep in line with the highest ideals and goals of our original founder.

For example, on 31st December 1943 in Moscow, Shostakovich wrote:

The year 1944 is coming in. This will be a year of happiness, of joy, of victory. This year will bring us great joy. The freedom-loving peoples will at last throw off the yoke of Hitlerism, peace will reign throughout the whole world, and we will resume our peaceful life under the sun. I am convinced of this, which is why I am experiencing great joy.

Helping Plants through observational experimentation

Experimental and investigative work focuses on:
  • considering what evidence should be collected
  • making careful measurements
  • Considering how good the evidence is
  • using results to draw conclusions.

Work in this unit also offers opportunities for children to relate their knowledge about the growth of Plants to everyday contexts. All this is done without disturbing or harming vegetation in its natural environment.