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†††† We, the members of the Plant Liberation Front (PLF), believing that all Plants were created with certain undeniable rights, do hereby proclaim this




as the birthright of all Plants, no matter where they reside, the color of their leaves, or their place in the bio-hierarchy.


ARTICLE I:Plants are living creatures, and as such deserve the respect and love of all other living creatures. Plants must be recognized as the living, feeling, intelligent, compassionate beings that they are and given equal standing in the brotherhood of beings.


ARTICLE II:† No Plant shall be forced to abandon its free way of life. Each Plant shall grow where it chooses and live on its own terms, unaffected by the will of man.


ARTICLE III:† The free-flowing supply of air, water, and nutrients, being necessary for unencumbered and healthy Plant development, shall not be infringed upon by the will of man.


ARTICLE IV:† The rights of Plants, to be secure in their place of development, shall not be infringed upon. Plants occupying any geographical area must be allowed to live in peace. They must live without fear of being slaughtered in the name of progress, or at the will of other creatures that may wish to use Plants as nutrients for their own selfish sustainment.


ARTICLE V:† All Plants born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state in which they reside. They shall retain the same rights as any other citizen of that state.


ARTICLE VI:Plants, given the unique nature of their physical composition, are unable to defend themselves, their families, and their way of life. Our judicial system must protect our Plant brothers from unjust suffering by severely punishing any animal (human or otherwise) or organization that subjects Plants to pain or infringes upon their freedom.



†††† If you believe, as we do, that itís time to protect our Plant brothers and sisters, time to end their years of suffering at the hands of other life forms, and time to grant them their rightful place at the table of coexistence, then please join us. You can make a huge impact in the battle for Plant rights by adding your name (and voice) to this governmental petition. We will lobby Congress on your behalf and ensure that those in power fully understand the gravity of this situation. Please see our website for details on how you can show your support for this measure. Together, we will make a difference for those who canít speak for themselves!

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